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Man narrates how being a Nigerian made him loose a job opportunity

A man identified as Aaron Chukwuemeka took to twitter to narrate a sad story of how being a Nigerian made him loose a job opportunity with a juicy pay. The man said

“Had a Skype interview this morning for a job in China, interview was going on smoothly until it got to the stage where I was asked what my nationality was. I responded with all confidence that I hold an African passport, Nigerian to be precise. Two seconds, the interviewer said “I am sorry we cannot take your application further because the government/immigration requirements for work visa is only open to South Africa, UK, USA, Canada and Europe”.

Immediately my countenance changed, I tried all I could to persuade and possibly offer an alternative. I felt like crying, wishing I hold a dual citizenship. The pay is juicy and the perks that comes with the offer is jaw-dropping. I feel so sad right now. Still on still, I am proudly Nigerian. God will take charge.”

This unfortunate incident triggered lots of comments from concerned Nigerians. Some think being a Nigerian is doing more harm than good to the citizens while others think the employers did not want to employ him.

See some reactions below:

“Someone will now come and justify fraud. Can you see part of the ripple effects now? Thunder  faya you!! ”

“They wanted a South African, if you were a Ghanaian or a Kenyan , you wouldn’t have gotten the job still. Or am I missing something? Nevertheless, we need to fix Us in the face of the world..”

“Didn’t they know your nationality before the interview commenced?”

“The image is beyond broken.
Other African nations, especially South Africans don’t know what God has done for them.”

“Lol this has nothing to do with Nigeria being a “Bad Country” They stated their requirements and being Nigerian doesn’t meet the requirement”

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