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Xenophobia Retaliation: Comedian Hyenana Says Nigerians Are Worse Than South Africans

Ever since the news of Nigerians being attacked in South Africa emerged, some Nigerians took to protest at South African owned businesses to retaliate against xenophobia.

However, some went from peaceful protest to destruction. Nigerian comedian Hyenana has taken to social media o condemn the actions of Nigerians who have been destroying and stealing from South African owned businesses.

The comedian noted that Nigerian citizens are the ones working at the places being destroyed. Hyenana, who condemned Nigerians on posts shared on Instagram, noted that he believes that Nigerians are worse than South Africans because the South Africans were not hurting their own people.

According to him, some male Nigerians vandalising businesses have molested women hiding behind the pretense of retaliation against xenophobia.

The comedian also said he saw three hoodlums beating up three white men who were inside their SUV. He added that many of the hoodlums do not know what xenophobia means.

Hyenana urged Nigerians to pray for God’s intervention, adding that the violent reactions are exactly what the devil wants.

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