Lady confesses how she drugged a man, stole his car, used Google map to drive it after marathon sex

A Cameroonian lady living in Nigeria who has been arrested by the police for stealing a man’s car after they had marathon sex in Abuja, has revealed why she committed the crime.

Reports stated that the man had picked the lady who was identified as Ndonga and her friend. Later on, they decided to lodge at a hotel in Abuja.

The lady allegedly laced his drink with sleeping pills before she escaped with his car and other valuables.
However in an interview with The Sun , Yamba confessed that the major reason why she stole the car was because she realized that the man doesnot have enough money in his wallet.

“I am a native of Mbongo Ndonga, in Cameroon and I studied Computer Science and Accounting at a Cotonu university. I am a widow with two children and normally come to Nigeria to visit friends and make small money and go back to my country. Sometime in July, I came with my children on vacation. It was here that I met my sister Yoland and we travelled to Nassarawa to visit a friend.

“It was while we were on our way back that we met Donald. He saw us standing by the roadside and decided to give us a free ride to Abuja. He dropped us off and we exchanged numbers, he kept calling me that he wants to date me and I refused. He kept disturbing me and I decided to give him a chance. We went to a hotel in Apo and I took my sister along so that he will not take advantage of me.

I decided to release my sister and spend the night with him with the hope that he will be generous since he is driving an expensive car.

“We ended up in the room and one thing led to the other and we had sex. In fact, that man is too active because he had his way three times before he became tired. He went inside the bathroom to clean up and I decided to check his wallet and know how rich he is. I thought he was rich and when I discovered that he has used me, I decided to add sleeping tablet in his drink. I find it difficult to sleep at night, so I am always with a sleeping tablet.

“I doubt if it was the sleeping tablet that made him sleep because in less than a minute, he dozed off. I am sure it was the marathon sex that knocked him off.

As soon as he slept off, I took the money in his wallet, which was about N5000, his wristwatch, key to his car. How can a man who has been begging me for sex, decided to come and sleep with me with nothing much in his wallet? I came down and called my sister. With the aid of Google map, we left for Kogi. We were connected to one car dealer in Auchi, Edo State where we sold it. He paid N1.6 million and transferred the money into my account.”

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