Kevin Hart Opens Up On Needing Help To Use The Toilet Amid Recovery From Car Crash

Comedian/actor who was involved in a car crash shares his struggles about how he needed help to use the toilet due to how helpless he felt.

Kevin Hart spoke about the hardships he faced during his recovery from a major car crash less than three months ago – including how he felt needing a helper to use the toilet.

‘It is the most humbling thing in the world,’ he said while appearing Tuesday on his SiriusXM show Straight From The Hart. ‘You really are helpless. There was nothing I could do.’

The Ride Along actor continues his physical recovery from a September 1 crash which required him to have three areas of his spine fused in an emergency surgery.

Hart was a passenger in his own 1970 Plymouth Barracuda when it veered off Mulholland Highway and careened into a ditch in Malibu Hills, California.

The vehicle was being driven at the time by Jared Black, 28, the fiance of Rebecca Broxterman, 31, who is the personal trainer of his wife Eniko Parrish, 35.

Hart delved into detail about the physical misery he experienced from severe stomach issues during a time he was largely immobile following surgery in the days following the crash.

‘To move is a Goddamn event,’ Hart said, recalling one instance in which he was awakened by the severe urge to defecate early in the morning while he was hospitalized. ‘In my mind, I’m gonna f***ing s*** out my mouth – it’s trying to come out!’

Hart said he ‘sat up out that bed like the Goddamn Undertaker,’ referring to a fast sit-up move from the WWE wrestler.

‘My stomach felt like somebody lit dynamite and threw it in my f***ing stomach and ran,’ said Hart.

The comedian said he found relief from a healthcare professional named Jose who was quick to help as his urge to move his bowels worsened.

‘Here’s the most humbling thing in the world: Eniko is sitting on the Goddamn couch; Jose was my nurse, he’s like, 60 years old, Mexican dude,’ the comic recalled. ‘Jose comes in and don’t ask me no questions.

‘Jose grabs the gauze, puts this spongy soapy s*** on the gauze, turns me round and starts wiping my a**. He said, “It’s OK man, I’ve been doing this for 40 years … keep it coming man.”‘

Hart lauded his nurse for his professionalism, adding the real takeaway was the despair he felt as his body remained immobile during his recovery.

‘It was humbling how it happened,’ he said. ‘You really are helpless. There was nothing I could do – there was nothing I could do to stop that.’


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