VIDEO: Iran officially hoist red flag over their holy mosque, vows to unleash severe revenge on america

Days after a top Iranian military officer was killed by a US air strike ordered by President Donald Trump, a video showing a yet-to-be identified man suspected to be a top official in Iran government raising a red flag over the dome of Masjid e-Jamkaaran, a signal of revenge has surfaced online

WITHIN NIGERIA learnt that whenever red flag is raised, it is  believed to indicate that a battle is ongoing, pledging severe revenge.

Inside the video, the yet-to-be identified man can be seen holding a red flag and another man dressed in uniform can be seen following him holding a substance.

Recall that thousands of Iranians stormed the streets of Baghdad to mourn the loss of the General Qaseem Soleimani, yelling and chanting “America is the great Satan”.

The Supreme leader of Iran, Sayid Ali Khamenei and the President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani visited the family members of the top military officer who was killed by the US air strike and the President reportedly told Soleimani’s daughter that everyone will take revenge.

While reacting on the development, one of the Iran fire brand clerics, Ahmad Khatani has disclosed that Iranians will take revenge at any level they wish.

America has sent us a message asking us to take revenge at the same level they have done but our officials responded that we will take revenge at any level that we wish.





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