Okada man, his passenger allegedly knock down by Lagos task force officials

Officials of the Lagos State Task Force have allegedly knocked down a commercial motorcyclist and his passenger around 9:45am.

This tragic incident occured at Charity Bus stop along Oshodi Expressway in Lagos on Thursday, January 16.

WITHIN NIGERIA learnt the female passenger sustained more injuries than the motorcyclist and she was reportedly rushed to the hospital by concerned Nigerians who witnessed the scene.

According to an eyewitness identified as Shola who reportedly sent in photos revealed that they met one Corporal Ileriu Abubakar at the office of the task force which is located at Bolade Oshodi

The corporal disclosed that they have a mandate from the Lagos State Government to stop any OKada Rider on the highway by any means necessary.

Shola further revealed that the police officer threatened to detain him or even seize his phone when he requested to know if the order means killing.

He wrote;

Lagos State Task Force this morning the 16 of January 2020 at about 9:45AM, chased and Knocked down an OKada rider and a lady he was carrying along Charity Oshodi Express, they took the Motorcycle and left both them reeling in life threatening pains from the injuries sustained.

I was in immeasurable shock by this human terror I just witnessed in broad daylight and I just will not be able to live with myself if I didn’t do anything about this horrific incidnent while the lady who sustained more injuries had been taken to the hospital by good Nigerians at the scene, I went to their office at Bolade  Oshodi with the OKada Man,by name Celestine,a Hausa by tribe.

At the Entrance are stationed 3 police officers who conduct security check for everyone coming in , they didn’t allow me access when they saw Celestine, the injured OKada man with me,then I narrated the story to them appealing to their humanity, right there one Corporal Ileriu Abubakar said they have a Mandate from the Lagos State Government to stop any OKada Rider on the highways by any means necessary and I asked him “even if it means killing them?”

They found this statement confrontational and threatened to detain me or even seize my phone.

Who are we as a nation, what have we become as a human being?

“All it  takes evil to win  is for good people to sit back and do nothing”

the law that is designed to secure life is the one taking it.

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