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Dayo Amusa apologises for shaming aspiring actress

Nollywood actress, Dayo Amusa, has apologised for labelling an aspiring actress a ’joker’ after she asked her for advice about getting into the industry.

WITHIN NIGERIA recalls that an Instagram user had earlier on Thursday left a comment on one of Dayo’s posts, asking her for advice about breaking into the acting industry.

Dayo replied in the now-deleted comment,

’’Who will waste his/her time to help you when you have not helped yourself? You have access to the internet, you have an IG page. No skit, nothing to showcase your so-called talent and you dey find help. You are a joker…’’

The 36-year-old issued the apology in a post she shared on Instagram on Thursday.

’’Something happened earlier…There’s this young lady that commented on my post about how she is aspiring to be an actress and all that… I was curious that she doesn’t have anything on her page that suggests an interest in acting…No skits noting…I felt are you a joker, in this jet age, you have access to the internet…But then you don’t have anything to suggest your talent. I was being misquoted… First, I would like to tell the lady in question that I’m so sorry for making you feel anyhow you might have felt…’’

Watch below:


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