Ogun police arrest couple for allegedly burning 7-yr-old granddaughter with hot robber

A 57- year-old man, Joseph Akporugo and his wife, Janet, have been arrested by the Police in Ogun State for maltreating his seven-year-old grand daughter on allegation of using witchcraft to kill her biological father.

It was gathered that the little girl has wounds all over her body after she was allegedly burnt by the couple.

According to a statement by the Ogun State Police Spokesman, Abimbola Oyeyemi, on Wednesday, the girl had walked into the resident of a police constable living in their neighbourhood in Awa-Ijebu, to recount her ordeals.

She was said to have reported to the constable the maltreatment being meted out to her by her grandfather and his wife, “who she has been living with since the death of her biological father.”

Oyeyemi said that the girl explained to the cop, how the couple put rubber on fire and used it to burn her all over her body, on the allegation that she is a witch.

Their accusation against her, Oyeyemi hinted, was that she was the one who killed her biological father with her witchcraft.

“The Constable there and then brought her to Awa-Ijebu police station where the case was incidented,” he said.


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The DPO, CSP Adewalehinmi was said to have detailed detectives to the couple’s house and got them arrested.

Upon interrogated, the couple could not justify their ‘maltreatment’.

However, the Commissioner of Police, Kenneth Ebrimson, has given directive for a proper investigation of the case and diligent prosecution of the suspects.





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