“I’m a proud bisexual girl, I swing both ways”, Princess Shyngle says in new video

Multiple Award winning actress, Princess Shyngle is obviously done with her fiancé for good as she declares that she’s looking for a new man or woman.

The actress took to her Instagram Stories and while giving an update on her weight loss journey, she revealed that she is bisexual.

She stated that she doesn’t want to lose so much weight because she needs her butt to be intact so that it can get her either a new man or woman.

She said: “I need that booty to get me either a new man or woman.

“You guys know I swing both ways, right? I love boys, I love girl. I’m a proud bisexual girl. I have nothing to be embarrassed about.”

And a few minutes later, the actress made another video and said she is need of a lady to date that is hotter than her, with a ‘fat ass’…

She wrote:

I have good taste in women oh 😂🤣 you must be finer and hotter than me for me to date you 🤣🥰❤️ send in your applications ladies ❤️ no men allowed I’m tired of y’all ❤️❤️🥰 my next girlfriend has to be hot oh with a fat ass I’ll take care of you and spoil you rotten


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