VIDEO: M.I Abaga Initiates Search Party For Potential Pedophile Who Approached His 15 Year Old Niece

M.I Abaga, a Nigerian rapper, has taken to his social media page, where he launched a search party for a man, who came around his 15-year-old niece, asking for her number.

The rapper maintained that this unidentified man asked his niece for her phone number, and even went on to tell the teenager that her mother does not need to know.

M.I said “Today this adult male approached my 15 year old niece who immediately told him her age.. he refused to let her go.. told her to exchange digits and said her mom didn’t need to know.. this is a predator and if anyone can identify him I would be glad to have a conversation with him..

Parents please equip your kids with the knowledge of how to act in moments like this..

I’m so proud of how calm and smart she was to immediately start recording!!! This is what to young boys and girls if anyone that isn’t your age ever propositions you.. tell them your age and immediately start recording them.. 😡😡😡😡😡 I’m so upset I can’t even type right.. woooosaaaah..”

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