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Activist Segalink withdraws from #EndSARS, declares movement an insurrection against Nigeria

Popular activist, Segun Awosanya popularly known as Segalink who mainstreamed the campaign against police brutality in 2017 has pulled out from the ongoing #EndSARS agitation, declaring the movement as an insurrection against Nigeria.

The social activist who has been at the forefront of the protest disclosed that the protest has been hijacked for other purposes.

This is coming days after the activist, Segalink sought to provide solutions to the crisis by urging government and main voices of the decentralised and spontaneous protests to explore common grounds and end the stalemate.

He was criticised for allegedly trying to arrogate undue powers to himself using SIAF, the platform he launched with other activists to fight police injustice and became a target of police harassment.

Denying the allegations levellied against him, Mr. Awosanya said they were being pushed by a group of feminists with whom he has long had a running battle.

Recall that the Feminist Coalition has been leading the campaign to raise funds and support victims of police brutality and undue harassment over the past two weeks.

Their role received a terrific boost during the week when Twitter’s Jack Dorsey recognised them as the face of the movement, verified their Twitter accounts and amplified their fund-raiser.

Announcing his withdrawal from the #EndSARS agitation, Segalink tweeted: “All efforts to talk sense into the arrowheads, who are mostly abroad and the few in their high estates have proven abortive. I believe everyone is matured enough to face the consequences of their actions.”

He added in an interview: “Staging coordinated attacks on prominent reform advocates and then using a credible advocacy’s campaign to raise funds through an unregistered NGO, threatening the integrity of our nation and gunning for youth insurrection in the name of #EndSARS. Is this even sane?”

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