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35m recover from COVID-19 globally — 71% of total cases

More than 35 million COVID-19 patients have so far recovered from the infection globally.

A global statistics platform, Worldometer reported that the total recoveries now stand at 35,072,000, representing 71 percent of the 49,170,000 people that have contracted the virus.

According to the statistics platform, the death rate still hovers around 2.5 percent as 1.24 million have died from the disease.

Out of the 12.85 million active patients, 12.7 million — representing 99 percent — are in mild condition while 90,212 — which comprise 1 percent of the patients — are in critical condition.

Asia remains the worst hit continent with 14.1 million cases out of which 251,400 have died.

It is followed by North America with 11.8 million cases (360,400 deaths) and Europe with 11.4 million cases (284,500 deaths).

At the country level, the United States leads the pack with 10 million cases, out of which 241,000 have died, followed by India and Brazil, respectively, 8.4 million (125,000 deaths) and 5.6 million (161,700 deaths).

In Africa, the death rate is below the 2.3 percent global rate, as 44,300 of the 1.85 million people who have been infected with the coronavirus have died.

However, 1.54 million people have recovered.

Nigeria has a lesser death rate with 1.8 percent — 1,155 deaths out of 63,508 cases, while 98 percent (59,740) have recovered.

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