Gulder Ultimate Search 12: Echoes of victory as Odudu Emerges Winner, Takes Home N50m Prize [VIDEO]

After a couple of exciting weeks, Odudu Otu has been announced the winner of the 2021 Gulder Ultimate Search Season 12, as he beats 20 contestants to find the Akolo chest.

Earlier, GUS host, Bob Manuel Udokwu, welcomed Damola, Odudu and Damilola after they alighted from a canoe that brought them to the location of their final quest.

They were eventually joined by Tosin as they embarked on their final quest. Finding artifacts The contestants crossed over to the other side of the first on a single rope with clues and artifacts that were found from the day before.

Tosin lagged behind others as he struggled on the suspended rope bridge with his shield. The other three continued to forge ahead in the forest.

The host, Bob Manuel revealed that the contestants were on their way to the final passage which was the last lap of their journey, a place they might not all pass.

Damola got to the final gate of passage first with a shield, danegun, spear and a hour glass which he presented to Bob.

The hourglass opened the gate for Damola. Odudu came in second, and just like Damola he showed his items and the hourglass opened the final passage for him as well. Damilola came in third with his 4 items and just like the other two, went in with his hourglass which opened the gate for him. Tosin came in last to the gate as expected, but he was unable to find the one last item; the hourglass which was the only item that would have granted him final access. He got evicted on the spot.

Bob Manuel also crossed to the other side and spoke to the excited contestants who looked and felt happy to have made it that far.

The host congratulated them and welcomed them to the very final phase of their journey. He also made them drop the artifacts and ornaments they gathered on their journey and gave them a final instruction from a scroll.

Damola, Odudu and Damilola took off after the instruction on the final leg of their journey to becoming the ultimate craftsman.

Minutes later, the search kicked off. Each man fought for himself as they struggled to find clues that will lead to the treasure chest that they seek. Damola dipped his hands into the murky swamp water for clues, while the other two searched on dry land.

Odudu found a rope in the ground which the other two helped to pull out as Toke Makinwa who had been waiting on the spot, commended him. Odudu and his team mates tugged on the rope till it revealed the treasure chest of Akudo which held secrets.

A victorious Odudu dragged his find admist shouts of victory as his mates congratulated him. On opening the chest, Odudu found a mirror and a scroll whose content he read out loud. The scroll congratulated Odudu and the mirror showed a reflection of the winner he had become.





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