10 best foreplay moves women enjoy most — Every guy should learn #8

5. Put Your Tongue Back in Your Mouth

Tongue – Foreplay

Tongue is fun and can be very verrrry sexy but too much tongue is nasty.

And this goes for tongue engagement across all body parts…mouth (kisses are meant to involve lips and tongue…not tongue only…don’t need to know what you ate for dinner…and lunch), ears (this also can be sexy but has the potential to go very wrong and make me feel like you’re trying to clean out my ears with your tongue), neck (neck kisses are wonderful but please don’t slobber all over me like a dog or leave hickeys post middle school…I have to go to work with that) and lastly lady parts (very important…tongue is crucial but needs to be utilized correctly). –Kelly, 26

6. Take Your Time

If I am not thoroughly warmed up, the sex won’t be good for anyone. In fact, it might hurt. Just be in the moment and enjoy all the fun fooling around. The good stuff will come (literally).  –Justine, 30

7. Use Both Hands

So if you are using a hand down there, you still have another free hand. Either go for the boobs, another part of my privates, or even just caress me somehow. Don’t be lazy. –Megan, 25


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