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BamBam’s Father, Church members disappointed after her toilet-sex with Teddy A in Big Brother House

Reactions have continued to trail BamBam’s decision to sleep with a fellow Big brother Naija housemates, Teddy A

Teddy A had earlier said he had respect for Bambam and would not have sex with her in the house. However, he was caught in the act on Tuesday.

The viral video since yesterday has been trending with reactions from Nigerians and celebrities.

A church member of the Bambam identified as Stephanie Amaty has just reacted to the video condemning Bambam for disgracing her family.

The church member disclosed that Bambam’s father who is a church elder is disappointed in her.

She also disclosed that Bambam is a choir member in the church parish.

On her Twitter page, she wrote, “I’m personally disappointed in Bamike ‘bambam’ she’s a choir member in my parish!! #BamTeddy

“Her dad is a church elder, how will her family feel… How they really suffered on her… Reason for naming her #Bamike (God take care of her for me)”

Watch video below.

Only Igbo people will understand this tweet about Big brother Naija’s Bam Bam

Nigerian Twitter users went crazy after Big Brother Naija housemates, Bam Bam and Teddy had sex in the house, and they took to Twitter to talk about it.

One particular tweet that caught attention was by King Agility. It drew attention to the meaning of Bam Bam’s full name, Bamike, in Igbo.

See the tweet below.

Only Igbo people will understand this tweet about Big brother Naija

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  1. Femi Amos says

    Not only church members are disappointed, even mosque and herbalist members are disappointed. …mtsweeeee…why did u alow her go BB ngr in the first place…….get lost plz….

  2. Edith Mokwe says

    Where did they get this video from? BBN on 198 doesn’t show anything relating to their toilet or shower room. The housemates have said it so many times that there is no camera there. So, I very much doubt the video. All I see are two people looking as if they are having sex but nothing shows it is Teddy A and Bambam. Even if it is, how about people minding their business. She is a full grown adult. Who and where she chooses to have sex is nobody business but hers. For those judging her, try staying two days with someone you like without phone, internet, games, outings, tv or anything to distract you, and see if you will not do something you never set out to do. Why do you think poor people tend to have more children than rich people? Because sex is likely the only entertainment they have. Unlike rich people who have so many ways to keep themselves busy.

  3. Amanda Osan says

    She is just loosed and so into teddy

  4. Debby Nwani says

    Agreed it’s no big deal what abt others that already had sex in the house, but the way the girl presented herself makes it look surprising

  5. Adedeji Julius says

    Disappointed how? They didn’t know that would happen when they allowed her to go for the devil’s show?

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