Buhari’s integrity earns Nigeria respect from International community — Orji Uzor Kalu

Former Abia state governor now chieftain of APC, Orji Uzor Kalu, has said that president Buhari’s high level of integrity has earned Nigeria more respect within the international community.

Kalu said this while speaking with newsmen in Lagos on President Buhari’s recent visit to the US which according to him was a successful outing.

He noted that President Buhari was invited to the US by President Donald Trump only few weeks after the Nigerian leader met with British Prime Minister, Theresa May.

”It is only showing the position and confidence the world powers are reposing on Buhari and that shows that the door is opened. Some other presidents needed state visits to the US but they didn’t get it.

A matter of less than three years, Buhari is being given red carpet in the White House. So, we are very proud that our image is changing and everybody is respecting Nigeria. The world powers have confidence in what he is doing for us.” he said




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  1. Ben Gabriel says

    Corruption dey talk… idiotic moronic bastard son of a bitch

  2. Ku'je Gabriel Stephen says

    See dis clown, what integrity are u talking abt. Abeg pack well jare

  3. Nd Paul says

    ironicall,for favour.

  4. Xgospel Voices says

    Does that put food on nigerians table

  5. Daniel Nlemchi Igwe says

    Nawoo because of power nnam chai even devil wey buhari dey work for rejected him is only you will accept him God forbid.

  6. Obioma Ukejianya says

    Orji uzor and buhari did not went to school well to understand what intergrity is all about.

  7. Nduka Ezeonyekwere says

    This is proof of Buhari’s integrity. Buhari is a big HYPOCRITE!!!

  8. Austino DeTitanic says

    Nonsense talk. Yeye integrity

  9. Emeka Thaddeus says

    Chief Orji uzor kalu

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