Aba Tailors should have produced the Super Eagles Jerseys — Ben Bruce

Senator Ben Bruce has come out to slam the decision made by the NFF for allowing the Super Eagles jerseys to be produced by Nike, argues that Aba tailors should have been given the contract.
Well Sen. Ben is known for his logical and economic criticisms when it comes to anything that concerns the growth and development of the country, Nigeria.

We all know the Aba tailors for their industrious nature and their ability to create lovely outfits, well the senator has now come out to say that the super eagle’s jersey contract should have been given to them rather than Nike to save and to infuse at least $100 million into the Nigerian economy and provide jobs for our youths.

He took to his twitter to make the post saying;

“Just imagine if those 3 million Nigerian Super Eagles jerseys were made by a firm in Aba rather than @Nike. Aba tailors have the capacity to produce them. We just lost an opportunity to infuse at least $100 million into the Nigerian economy and provide jobs for our youths.”

See some reactions:

@HrhValerie: “Please you are part of the senate House,where were you when they made the decision to give the contract to @Nike”

Replying to @HrhValerie, @NENJnre wrote: “Give contract? ???.. Nike pays you, not the other way around. Calm down and understand processes before you tweet. Nike is our national team jersey sponsor. They paid the NFF 1million dollars after Adidas recused to renew when our deal with them expires. Sport companies pay teams worldwide to make merchandise for them and in turn have full or partial cut of sales to recoup the money.”

@RockofAgis: “But can Aba ever fathom the idea for the design of such jersey?”

@asiwajudin: “Never if you want to know more about about designs jusy check NYSC jungle boots”

@Deemby_Lee: “Aba will purchase 1 original and manufacture 2 million fake Jersey.”

@mrmanodili: “Sir I disagree with this one. Let’s leave this particular Jersey issue or it not being made in Aba. What average Nigerian needs from the govt are good roads network, constant electricity, working hospital and a subsidize education.
We can fix every other things by ourselves”

@Princesssamtos: “Whose fault sir? Most of you use foreign designer suits and shoes instead instead of encouraging local designers.”

@genuinechimere: “Nike pays NFF for using their brand. It’s more like a sponsor thing. A lot of countries that have local manufacturers use Nike, Adidas, Puma etc.”




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  1. Omole Stone OluwaNi says

    Y dis man always want 2 make pointless point, U were in National Assembly weń Adidas made Jersey for Super Eagle during Jonathan n u didn’t say Aba Tailor shd av produce d Jersey. Yeye pple.

  2. Ayodele Oyetunji says

    that shows the type of people we have in the house . shameless people. the clothes that he is wearing are they from Aba?

  3. Eichie Sylvester says

    People can just say anything with their wide mouth, especially people from pdp

    1. Ugbede Blessing says

      Must u add PDP ? nonsense .

    2. Ben Gabriel says

      Bro! You didn’t make any sense at all…

  4. Shola Ayanbadejo says

    True! Very true. Sometimes we may need to separate the message from it’s messenger.

    I am after the point he made.

  5. Ben Gabriel says

    Yeah! It’s true…
    I’ll urge Aba tailor to reproduce it and sell at a lower price thereby sending NIKE back to wherever it is coming from.

  6. Kevin Mbachu says

    So Oga BEN BRUCE you know what my ABA brethren can do. Please let ASO ROCK know

  7. Chukwuma Simeon says


  8. Edema Yemi says

    Weeds is hard to stop….!this man refuses to stop weeds in-take…..test the man for hard drugs intake quickly. …!

  9. Awoju Felix says

    Ben Murray bruse does not practice what he preaches just to deceive Nigerians

  10. Great Sola says

    Aba Tailors, he might be right in a way sa but my common sense just tell me that those guys belong to Biafra republic and not the zoo call Nigeria.

  11. Adebayo Anthony Ayowole says

    Ur ryt senetor common sence. You should have rejected the cars given to u as a senrtor because it is not made in Nigeria. You shouldnt be driving any oda car brand aside from shuld stop going for medical vacation and start using our local hospitals. Your children shuld quite schooling abroad. You should be a advocate of the change you profess.


  12. Dorathy Chukwuma says

    His got a point tho….. That Jersey is more dan minimum wage…. Very few can afford it
    The yahoo boys who will gallantly buy it are been hunted by EFCC… Make politicians start dey wear am… Oh and musicians too

  13. Muhammad Sani Bello says

    If FG never ban Smoking expiring weed, only God knows what will happen inside Senate Chamber, !!!

  14. Prince Adewuyi Oluwaseun says

    Why don’t u say this before

  15. Stephen Babalola says

    Not only Aba Taylor you should have recommended Yenogua tailor for the jersey. So our team would look gorgeous than all other nations

  16. Babanmairam Mubarak Ali says

    oga notice me

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