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9 Habits That Shows Your Relationship Will Last Forever

Your relationship will last if you do these.

Let’s face it, having a healthy relationship is rarely easy and completely argument-free……People that laugh a lot and generally just don’t take things too seriously can more easily enjoy a healthy relationship.


Have you ever wondered how some of the longest-lasting couples you know just seem to be better equipped and able to deal with conflict in a more mature way?

I know I have!

Let’s face it, having a healthy relationship is rarely easy and completely argument-free.

To find out their secrets on growing both as people and romantic partners, withinnigeria team went on a fact finding mission and these are the result to our findings:



1 Compliment Your Partner.

According to  psychologist and dating coach, Samantha Rodman – “Couples in healthy relationships talk positively about one another to friends, kids, relatives, even coworkers. This is the opposite of undermining behaviors that characterize less functional relationships. Just saying, ‘My husband is handy,’ or ‘Mommy always makes the best dinners’ can be automatic and is a great way to maintain connection and closeness.”



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