Bridesmaid Guide: 5 Ways To Organize The Perfect Bridal Shower

Looking for how organize the perfect bridal shower for your bestie, sister or cousin?   It is truly the right opportunity to show how much the bride means to you.

We have come up with quick ways to get you on your way putting together a memorable bridal shower…

 How to organize the perfect bridal shower

Choose a date.

Bridal showers are usually held weeks or a week before the wedding- depending on the wedding schedule. So firstly, consult the bride on how her schedule is, and then work around it-but note that you should focus on booking a date towards the weekend, so she can have a day to sleep-in after the wild night you have planned for her.

1. Decide on the guest list.

Choosing whom to invite is as important as the bridal shower itself. Everyone there signifies a time or memory in the life of the bride- so make sure to consult her mum, sister or close relative that you know means a lot to the bride.

Remember, bridal showers are supposed to be intimate and closed.

2. Decide on a location.

Depending on what kind of bridal shower you are looking at, you should put in your plans what venue would be perfect. At home, a restaurant or even a hotel- ensure to book ahead, so you are not left stranded on the day.

3. Give it a Theme.

What is a bridal shower without a theme? Do not answer! Pick a theme for the event and ensure to tell everyone invited to prepare accordingly, but do not tell the bride- it should be a surprise for her.

4. Decide on the activities and menu.

Whether it is in house or out, make sure to have your activities planned out. Make sure your menu is booked and do not forget the wine-especially the wine.

5. Shop for gifts and decorations.

It’s time you go shopping for decorations that are in line with your planned theme. You will also want to order your flower and balloons if your venue is not supplying or decided to have it at home.

Finally, do not forget to get your gift for the bride.


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