Actress, Tayo Sobola “Sotayo” dazzles in new photos

Nollywood actress Tayo Sobola is not just a pretty face with fine skin.. She is also a successful businesswoman with over 4 businesses.

The actress shared these photos and we can’t help but gush over her enthralling and captivating beauty.

See more photos below:

Despite her business ventures, the actress recently admitted that she knows that a few people assume that men foot her bills.

“It is normal for people to say that it is men that give me money. Every successful woman hears people say things like that. Every hard working woman hears that every time but it is always good to turn a deaf ear to such side talks. I just focus on what I want to achieve, I do not listen to what anybody says and I do not let anyone distract me.

Whoever makes such comments obviously does not work to earn their money. If you work hard, a man could be there to support you because nobody wants to give money to somebody whose source of income cannot be traced. I work for my money and I also get support from friends. I do not care about what people say, I just focus on my work”.




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