Don Jazzy gives out almost N700k to fans

It’s no longer news that popular music producer and record label founder Don Jazzy is well loved on social media; he regularly does things that endear him to his followers and non-followers alike.

In his usual form, he gave out money to a number of fans on his Twitter page. But he did not just give anybody, he gave fans who were creative in the way they dropped their account numbers.

He gave N100,000 to Khalifa who revealed that he mistakenly typed his account number while trying to send Don Jazzy his account number.

Thomas Josef got N50,000 because of the number of times he had tried to access Don Jazzy’s tweets.

Ilesanmi explained that he almost got his account number wrong. For his dilemma, he got N50,000.

Teju wanted his wife to ‘guarantee her trust’ in Don Jazzy. He got N50,000

Ofishea wanted dollars but Don Jazzy gave him N100,000.

Dan Lerd wanted him to relate with his bank. N50,000.

At the end of the day, the Mavin Boss ended up giving out a total of N699k. However, some fans thanked him for his generosity while others deleted their tweets probably because they did not want someone to beg them for part of the money.

Some fans came late to the party and wanted to join but Don Jazzy revealed the way his account balance was set up, it may not be possible. He also explained why he gave out the funds.



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