Princess reacts to Cee-C’s acid threat says it’s a publicity stunt

Cee-C had earlier shared an email she received from someone claiming to be an Alex fan, that threatened to bathe her with acid anytime their paths cross.

Now, fellow housemate, Princess has reacted to Cee-c acid threat, saying it should be reported to law enforcement agencies and not publicised on social media.

She wrote:

Get over this bad blood already !!!! First of all” IF “this is an actual threat and not a publicity stunt it should be sent to the law enforcement agencies and not social media.

Because publicizing such threat in such an aloof manner would only fuel more imaginations of how best to carry out the plot

The fans of both parties are taking this way too seriously.
Bbn 3 is a “term”that covers 20 housemates.
And this constant aggression only keeps us in constant negativity and defense.
@alex_unusual @ceec_official pls advice your fans.
Better still make peace if there is any squabble

Before this gets out of control and unleashes more contempt.



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