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Nollywood Fans Falling For Online Fraudsters Are Greedy And Gullible – Actor Mike Godson

Nollywood actor Mike Godson who recently facilitated the arrest of his impostor is feeling bad about it.

The actor in a recent interview said the fraudster who duped many of his fans, a 4th year student of Theatre and Media Arts at the Ambrose alli University in Ekpoma was planning to write his exam when police arrested him for cyber crime.

Here is what Mr Godson said about the criminal case:

“Before this present case, there have been others and someone was actually sent to jail. I feel bad about taking the matter to the police because these guys are young. The one that was recently caught is actually a 400 level student of Theatre and Media Arts at the Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma; he has his exams to take very soon. It is quite unfortunate that it happened that way.”

“The mother was crying and there are a lot of things that happened that I cannot disclose because I’m not supposed to. The point is that he has been apprehended by the police and the police are taking care of the matter.”

“It is very obvious that the actions of these cyber criminals affect our brand. They usually follow us on social media and are aware of our activities, so they post our images and videos on their fake pages. They then use those media to defraud our fans and because of how good they are, some of our fans actually fall for their deceit.”

“However, I think it’s only a fool that will believe that celebrities who are so busy would have the time to call people on WhatsApp and Facebook to ask for money. I just feel like these fans are also gullible and greedy. If they do not want something, I don’t think they would end up being defrauded.”

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