11 indelible fashion triumphs of former first lady Patience Jonathan, as she Celebrates her Birthday

To know the name Patience Jonathan is to recognise the strong force of a woman who was Nigeria’s first lady from 2010- 2015.

Born October 25, the wife of former president, Goodluck Jonathan, has spent over six decades on earth and frankly has made her mark. In 2008, she cupped the International Humanitarian Award in New York, USA.

She is known for many of her philanthropic and humanitarian works including her role in the global fight against HIV/AIDS and women empowerment programs. Asides being a woman who fought for positive change in the country, she also endeared herself to millions of Nigerians with her personality and fashion sense.

In fact, there’s a long list of things that are unforgettable about the former first lady. From her famous grammatical blunders to her dramatic personality and election controversy, Patience was just someone everybody loved talking about.

As the strong woman marks a new age today, We takes you down memory lane to the times when she stepped out looking like a million bucks.

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1. Mr and Mrs President

2. Fluffy mama

3. Stylish first lady

4. Mama P

5. Pink lady

6. Big madam

7. Style mama

8. Green lady

9. Sleek

10. Fashion queen

11. Happiness galore

There will be many presidents and first ladies in the history of Nigeria but a lot of Nigerians will forever remember the duo of Goodluck Jonathan and Patience. In fact, every time, they pose together in a photo is a memorable time for people. You may also like this; Timaya opens up on why he ‘collected’ his car gift to Empress Njamah when they broke up (Video)



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