Blessed Nigerian woman celebrates 70th birthday with 16 grandsons

A Nigerian woman is full of gratitude as she celebrates her 70th birthday. The joy of the celebration is enough goodness to make her happy. But even more, she has more than one reason to be grateful.


At the age of 70, the woman can boast of having so many grandchildren seated around her table. Now, this is quite a number, thus, it is something to be very proud of.

The happiness of the woman is doubled by the fact that 16 of these grandkids are boys! Given the astounding nature of this, the woman who was more than grateful for having such beautiful kids took to posing them in a beautiful photo shoot.

Her 16 grandsons all looked radiant in blue fenico attires and hats. The beautiful female grandchildren also looked adorable as they wore orange.

The grandma posed with her grandchildren was also celebrated in a lavish way. During the celebration, she lifted her hands in gratitude for the blessing God has bestowed on her.

As it appears, the grandma was also celebrated by her husband with whom she also took a picture with.

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