Cabal: Here is the photo of two powerful men controlling Buhari-led government — FFK unveils

FFK shares photo of two men he alleges are members of the cabal in the Buhari-led government

Recall that Wife of President Buhari, Aisha Buhari and many others have repeatedly alleged that there is a cabal in the Buhari-led government who have taken over the running of this administration.

Former Aviation minister and a member of the opposition party PDP, is alleging that the two men in the photo above are part of the cabal in this administration. Posting the photo above on his Facebook page, FFK wrote

“This picture says it all. The man sitting on the chair like a modern-day Sheik giving orders with his legs crossed, is Ismaila Isa Funtua, a close confidante of Buhari/Jubril and a Muslim from Katsina state.

The one sitting next to him is Abdulrahman Dambazzau, a Muslim from Kano state, who happens to be another close confidante of Buhari, who is a former Chief of Army Staff and who is the current Minister of Internal Afffairs.

Photo of two men allegedly members of the cabal

They are both leading members of the Fulani cabal that currently run our country and that control Buhari/Jubril. They and a small handful of others in their cabal, all Muslims and all from the core north, make ALL the decisions affecting our nation today.

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The man standing and bowing like a pliant and servile little slave before the two seated Caliphs is Godwin Emefeile, the Governor of Nigeria’s Central Bank. He is a Christian from Delta state. He is running errands and taking orders from his masters and those that own and run Nigeria.

This is what we are fighting against and this is what we are seeking to change. This picture, more than any words can ever express, prove Nnamdi Kanu’s, Asari Dokubo’s and Adeyinka Grandson’s collective point: that some people believe that they were born to rule our country whilst others are content with being their slaves.

We must resist this. We must fight it. We must change it. We must set Nigeria free from the bondage of ethnic and religious slavery and servitude that has bound her for the last 58 years.

We must restructure our country and, if the caliphs and our collective oppressors refuse to allow that and let our people go, we must break it”.

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