Top 5 Fitness Trends To Get Used To In 2019

Staying fit is great for our general well being. Here are some tips to follow to ensure you are healthy in 2019.

Fitness trends often come and go, but discovering emerging ways to remain active can help you begin 2019 with a fresh, brilliant habit.
To everyone searching for new and exciting ways to get in shape this year, this is one for you:

1 Home Exercise

Hitting the gym is no longer the only form of working out. Home workouts is not a bad idea if you try it. Many people are creating home gyms, or engaging streaming technology to exercise in the comfort of their homes. Getting started doesn’t need a large budget or investment as well, obé fitness and ClassPass Live can help you follow a live class being streamed elsewhere.

2 Shorter Workouts

Science has shown us that no workout is too short, every single minute matters. Three 10-minute rounds of exercise will give you the same benefits as one straight 30-minute session. Some people prefer doing their exercise in shorter spurts — and that’s totally fine. High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, is also a massive follower of this trend.

3 Boxing

If there is another work out trend lots of people will be trying this year, that will be boxing. Combat sports in general are becoming more of a key part in mainstream culture due to fast—rising fame of mixed martial arts, or MMA. Boxing workouts are an amazing way of getting an intense workout but also feeling like a fighter. There is also the sense of empowerment we feel when we emulate Anthony Josua and Floyd Mayweather.

4 Train Smart

Tracking calories and steps with a fitness wristband is smart, but workouts will take smartness to another level this year. Smart treadmills and other fitness equipment that features streaming apps might be the game changer we crave for. Smart training allows you, for instance, exercise with a bike while seeing the course on a tablet.

5 Recovery

Working out will come in different forms in 2019, but so will recovery. We tend to forget about the benefits of muscle recovery, which is not right. Setting out time for massage and foam rolling will be popular because more people now know that the recovery phase is very vital for muscle development and overall health.

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