How To Prevent Sickness In 2019

No one would love to begin a new year on a sick bed. Find out ways to stay strong for as long as possible.

Sickness is not our friends. But we tend to invite it into our body all the time. Why? Find how ways to ensure you do not get this this new year:

1. Wash Those Dirty Hands

The most important piece of advice is one you’ve probably heard before, but i think it needs repeating: Wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds or the amount of time it takes to sing the intro of that “One Ticket.” song. Cold is caused by viruses. These micro-particles are very infectious and easily transmittable from person to person. Washing your hands regularly prevents the spread of infection, but if you want to take it a notch higher, do not be afraid to speak up and tell others to wash their hands, too! You’re protecting yourself by protecting others.

2. Keep Things You Touch Clean

In case you are not clear, cell phones, countertops, computer keyboards, and subway polls are breeding homes for viruses. Keep them clean, and avoid touching the ones you are unable to keep neat. Notice your surroundings. If you’ve touched something that might be dirty, look up for my first tip.

3. Eat The Right Meal

Please avoid dairy, caffeine, sugar, and processed foods once the weather is cold. They can lower your immunity. Do away with raw foods in fall and winter because they’re harder to break down internally, which can give your energy reserves a lot of work to do, thereby weakening your body’s ability to fight against germs and viruses. If you maintain a healthy diet in general, you should be braced with the nutrients you need in times of illness.

4. Sleep Regularly

At least seven hours of sleep every night is what we expect daily. And if you can be in bed before 12am, by all means. When viruses are set to pounce, it is key to give your immune system daily rest to get set for battle.

5. Do Not Stop Moving

The importance of daily exercise cannot be stressed enough, even when the weather is not encouraging. When it’s cold outside, you have to find ways to exercise inside. Exercise is paramount for keeping the immune system ready to go. But don’t overdo it: If you’re feeling weak, you must prefer a restorative yoga class, meditation, or even a nap.

I wish you a healthy 2019.

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