How spicy food can actually spice up the sex in your marriage

Looking for a way to bring diversity to your sex life and further ignite sparks in your marriage or relationship?

Researchers at OnePoll studied over 2000 people and results of their findings show that people who like hot foods like it hot in the bedroom too. According to their findings as reported on New York post, those who enjoy and prefer spicy food have twice the amount of sex that people who don’t have.

 Those who enjoy spicy food have twice the amount of sex that people who don’t.

That’s to say; if people who like spicy food do it 12 times in a month, those who do not would have sex only six times all month long.

The research was conducted for hot sauce brand, El Yucateco, whose spokesperson tells NY Post that;

“It’s no surprise to us to see the results from this poll. Our interactions with our loyal fan base indicates that they are adventurous, outgoing and live life to its fullest.”

 To ensure that the spark does not die in your sex life, taking turns to initiate sex is also a very good idea [Credit: Youtube]

Other ways to spark up your sex life

Stocking up on hot and spicy foods is one way to bring back the heat to your bedroom, another way is scheduled sex.  Maintenance sex is an idea to consider and put to use in your relationship.




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