Fun Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Each Zodiac Sign

Whether we like it or not, Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us. As a first grade teacher, my life is now a series of pink and red hearts and glitter and very cute love notes. But dating isn’t usually as innocent or charming. In fact, by the time February 14 rolls around, I’ll probably be as sick of candy hearts as everyone else. And it’s not just the day itself that can get stale—it’s our partners, our usual restaurants and haunts, and super glittery graphic tees with hearts that shed all over everything. The shine of the new year and new possibilities can only last so long—which is why I’m turning, hard, to the world of the astrology for some zodiac sign-themed date ideas this season.

Despite the fact that the novelty of the new year has long worn off, the pressure is still on to have a good time, post an appropriately filtered picture and pretend like you don’t have the worst stress-acne of life right under your hairline. And people pay full-price for chocolate! Like it won’t be 75 percent clearance tomorrow. It’s bananas.

If you’re me, you might go see Fifty Shades of Grey by yourself and make your boyfriend drop you off. That’s one date idea, free of charge. Otherwise, look to the stars. Each sign has their own strengths and areas for growth. This Valentine’s Day, break the mold and try something a little unconventional. After all, the right setting can set the stage to start a new relationship or rekindle what you already have. Remember, the best date will be one where you feel the most comfortable and authentic to your interests. And compatibility is key. With the right person, everything seems magical. Even on Valentine’s Day.

So keep an open mind as you peruse your sign and plan your date. In the words of the beautiful David Bowie, “you’re a babe—a babe with the power.”



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