How To Find Love In 2019

Finding that special someone just has a way of making the new year start on a good note, you should try it.

2018 is gone. 2019 is here. Some of us are starting to think about things we are looking to start doing and things we are willing to let go of this year. If dating and being in a relationship are things you want, there are a few New Year’s resolutions you can make to maximize your chances of attracting love in 2019.

Being specific when making resolutions is important. Winning resolutions need to be straight to the point. Saying “I want to find love next year” is a great way to start, but it is key to think of something more specific that you can commit to:

Good resolutions that can actually be done can be a challenge. But there are ways around it. Here are New Year’s resolutions to make if you want to attract love in 2019.

1. Date Yourself

If you want to be loved, then love and feel love first—for yourself. Make you a priority. Treat you the same (if not better than) way you would treat your future guy or girl. Do things that you like. Do things for yourself that make you feel truly joyful. You can even start taking yourself on dates. Have it marked down in your calendar as a must-do event. When you fully love yourself, you won’t take less than someone who truly deserves you.

2. Move On From The Past

It is a new year. It is time to wipe off old flames and a painful past. Focus on your life right now. Who are you still holding onto for no reason at all? Whether it’s a crush who crushed you or an ex who thinks of you as their sex tool, think about whether or not they’re really healthy for you. Do they fulfill you? Or are they just another source of frustration? Close that door and be ready for something fresh.

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3. What Do You Really Want From A Relationship

Be calm, sit down and write out a list of qualities that you want in your new partner. Think about what see your relationship looking like. No quality is too small or too big. It’s also important to think about how you want your partner to make you feel. Keep your mind open and be sincere with yourself about what works and doesn’t work for you.

4. Open Your Heart

Do not judge a book by its cover. It is tough to do that on social media though. But if you really want to find love, you need to scrap that judgy mind of yours. Ensure you are more open-minded when going on dates or starting new relationships. Being open-minded will let you to see the person for who they really are and you will be able to find out whether you have a real connection.

5. Live In The Moment

When you meet someone you really fancy, it’s very easy to start envisioning your future with them. By doing that, you are just creating unrealistic expectations for the person you just started dating, which could kill the fun out of getting to know them. Rather, just be present with every new person you date. Enjoy every moment you get to spend together, whether it’s a night, a month, or years. It would be worth it if you genuinely like him or her.

Now go out there and have an amazing dating experience in 2019.

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