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How To Make New Friends This Year

Want to make new friends this year? Read up.

There is no better time to expand your relationship than the beginning of a new year? Making new friends is a big deal to some people but there is nothing we can do without people around us, asides family
Here are tips to help you make new friends in 2019:

Get Yourself Out There You will find it difficult to make new friends by just sitting at home. Ensure you attend events, get together, join a group or use social media and meet new people over the internet.

Starting a new friendship with anyone will require you step out of your comfort zone to interact.

1. Be Real

Faking things about you or doing all you can to shield your habit is a terrible way to start off a friendship. Lies and deceit will only bring about mistrust which will quickly kill any relationship before it blossoms. Ensure you are your real self when meeting others.

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2. Use Your Hobbies

An impressive way to engage others in a conversation is with what you love doing, Share your hobbies with others and try to bond over activities built around both of your hobbies.

3. Volunteer

A major plus with volunteering is that you get to meet several people outside your comfort zone. You most probably will find someone who indulges in the same passion as you in your volunteering cause.

4. Open Your Mouth

No one will know anything about you if you do not open your mouth. No one can know where you are coming from if you refuse to speak. If you are shy about talking to someone, try inhaling and exhaling deeply to help you relax then open your mouth and talk. You can start with words about the weather, news or others. From there, you are conversing.

5. You Must Listen

Try not to be completely overjoyed about meeting a new friend and ensure you listen to the other person. A good way to know a person is simply to listen to their verbal and non-verbal communication.

Have an amazing 2019.

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