Here are 5 reasons employers didn’t call you after submitting application

You may be wondering why employers or hiring managers didn’t call to invite you for a job interview after sending you an email to acknowledge your application.

This happens a lot, and most times, job applicants worry about what could have gone wrong with their applications. The silence on the part of the employers often worsens the situation because the applicants will never get to know why they’re not called for the job interview.

You may find it annoying that some hiring managers choose to keep you expecting their calls, but here are some of the reasons why hiring managers don’t invite applicants for job interviews after receiving their applications.

1. The job was already filled

Sometimes, employers don’t call applicants because the job is already filled.

To be honest, companies sometimes post job openings just for formalities. They probably have an internal candidate in mind to fill the position. In a situation like this, the hiring manager won’t bother to address all applications received for that opening.

2. You didn’t follow instructions

Failing to follow instructions has been identified as one major mistake job applicant always make. Job postings always come with instructions stating what candidates have to submit with their applications. Unfortunately, many applicants don’t follow these instructions.

Hiring managers usually get very busy looking through CVs to identify candidates that meet the requirements. This process is an automatic disqualification for candidates who do not follow the instructions. And once you’re disqualified, the employer may not think it wise to get back to you.

3. There are too many applications for the hiring manager to handle

If a hiring manager receives one thousand applications for just one opening, many applications would certainly be ignored.

See, here’s the truth, some hiring managers don’t have the time to look at every job application they receive. And in a country like Nigeria, where the unemployment rate is high like a mountain, a hiring manager may receive one thousand applications for just one opening.

Trust me, if a company assigns only one person to sort the applications, some would have to be ignored except the company uses Application Tracking Systems (ATS) and there won’t be any need to reach out to the applicants.

4. Your CV is not tailored to the job description

Using Application Tracking Systems (ATS) helps a hiring manager to vet job applications by searching for certain keywords that are relevant to the job posting.

If these keywords are not used in your application, your credentials may end up in the trash bin. That’s the end of the application. No need to call or send an email to the applicant again.

5. You weren’t the right fit

The bitter truth is you’re not qualified for the job.

There are two reasons why a hiring manager does not consider a candidate fit for the job. It could turn out that you’re not the right fit they are looking for. Or maybe there is another applicant who is an even better match than you are. Either way, the employer may not think it is necessary to call you after going for the candidate of their choice.


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