Here’s everything employers usually consider before they hire the right candidate

When it comes to recruitment, the hiring managers’ role is not all about announcing a job opening, interview the candidates and select the right candidates.

The role they play in the hiring process is much more than these. Hiring managers make painstaking efforts to evaluate the candidates online, on paper and in person all to ensure the company hires the candidates that’ll fit the job requirements and the company’s corporate culture.

Here are 20 criteria employers frequently use when they’re deciding which candidate to hire.

1.   Do you have the right academic background?

2.   Do you have the skills necessary to excel in the job?

3.   Would the company enjoy working with you?

4.   Do you have a can-do attitude?

5.   Do you have a strong work ethic and a high energy level?

6.   Are you a good team player?

7.   Can you communicate clearly and effectively?

8.   How enthusiastic are you about the job?

9.   Can you innovate, think outside the box, and creatively meet challenges?

Landing a job isn’t all about academic qualifications.

10. Do you fit in with the company’s corporate culture?

11. Can you cope with the pressures and stress of the job?

12. Are you a good long-term prospect to fill higher level jobs?

13. Do you have a strong work ethic and a high energy level?

14. Do you have the confidence and experience to be a leader?

15. Do you have the knowledge, expertise and information base to carry out the job effectively?

Being a good team player is a soft skill all employers want in an applicant.(

16. Do you have the appropriate depth and type of prior experience?

17. Do you have the technical proficiency to get the job done?

18. Do you possess the licenses and/or certificates required for the job?

19. Do you have an appealing personality that’ll make people enjoy working with you?

20. Are you over-qualified?



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