Nigerian man calls for bombing of Abuja mosque after New Zealand shootings

A Nigerian man with the handle, @LegitChidi, has called for the bombing of Abuja Central Mosque after the New Zealand shootings which left over 50 people dead.

The Nigerian man called for the bombing of Abuja Central Mosque, after Dr Joe Abah, made a post concerning the the New Zealand mosque shootings, calling on a condemnation of “all forms of extremism: religious, racial, ideological or political.” However many social media users condemned the attack in New Zealand, the Twitter user wrote “Let them shift to Abuja central mosque abeg..we need them there.”

His account is currently being reported to security agencies and Dr Joe Abah also wrote;

I asked why people will go to a mosque and kill people praying. Below is one of the comments to my tweet. I will be reporting the tweet below to the security forces just in case. Please join me to report it to Twitter as well. Thanks Read

However a quick check revealed that he might have pulled down his Twitter account, however his last tweet gave off his location to be Bayelsa. The Abuja National Mosque is the national mosque of Nigeria. The mosque was built in 1984 and is open to the non-Muslim public, except during congregational prayers.



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