Top Diplomat Praises 1xBet/Tottenham Matatu Ad

Recently, a 1xBet ad featuring Victor Wanyama received praise form an unlikely source – the The UK High Commissioner to Kenya. The high ranking diplomat  tweeted the image which featured a 1xBet ad with the homegrown Spurs star.

Wanyama features alongside teammates Dele Alli and Harry Kane in an ad campaign prominently displayed on matatus. The focus of the ad campaign is the landmark partnership which sees 1xBet as the official betting partner for Tottenham Hotspur FC in Africa.

As a longtime Spurs fan. the High Commissioner, praised both 1xBet’s campaign and the positive impact it creates. He also expressed satisfaction in seeing a team outside of the traditional big four (Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool) featured so prominently.  As a fan, he considers Tottenham the team to follow in the future.

1xBet and Tottenham Hotspur – a powerful alliance

An agreement was reached in August 2018 appointing 1xBet as  the Official Betting Partner of Tottenham for Africa. Already well established globally as a dominant and innovative betting company, the partnership will see the 1xBet brand become even more prominent. This will come in the from of rights to use the team images and prominent in-stadium advertising. Spurs players will also aid in promoting both 1xBet services and African football. The agreement continues the 1xBet ethos of forging new partnerships worldwide which promote the benefits of sport.

The eye-catching Kenyan matatu ads are only a part of the massive ad campaign which 1xBet has created.  Some of Spurs top players are featured in promotional materials which include a 30-second clip highlighting the positive influence the Premier League team has in Africa The entire video can be viewed below,  as well as a taste of the matatu ads for those who haven’t seen them already.

These two powerhouse brands teaming up is a tremendous initiative which benefits both sports fans and punters. It’s no surprise that, with football being the prime national sport,

Kenyans have been quick to embrace the 1xBet campaign.

Kenya, with its technological prowess, was earmarked by 1xBet as a key market within Africa. The pace of both increased internet access and mobile payment methods, together with 1xBet being issued a local Bookmakers licence, created a perfect environment for the campaign. The advertisements are further complemented by the inclusion of Victor Wanyama who has become a powerful symbol of what can be achieved by the power of self belief and determination.

1xBet – a force for good in Africa

Betting companies nowadays seem to be ever present in the media. These firms are featured at sporting events which reach record audiences. However, not all betting companies are the same in terms of motivation – a distinction which is certainly worthy of highlighting. Some disregard social impact in favour of a “profit at all costs” mentality, while a select few see the opportunity to meaningfully strengthen local communities. 1xBet is one such rare company.

Of course, offering a superior betting platform for sports punters is an important objective for 1xBet – but its only part of their mission. 1xBet aims to bring more value to people in each new market they enter. This is done by forming partnerships with like minded companies who are also keen to have a positive impact. The result in Africa has been the upliftment of lives through vibrant ads, together with the building and refurbishing of sports facilities. Through these partnerships with organisations like the Confederation Africaine de Football, the goal is always a noble one.

The honourable intention of promoting wellbeing through sport has being applauded by the public. And, as a result, 1xBet is universally recognised as the best sports betting firm in the region.The joy of sport, particularly football, is a great unifying force which 1xBet employs to bring people together, creating stronger communities.

The incredible “buzz” generated around 1xBet and their partnerships is a reward for the thoughtful way in which they approach new markets. This attention is also a strong indicator of support form local communities. However, this promises to be only the beginning of the 1xBet journey in the region. With a dedication to keep innovating, 1xBet will constantly be bringing exciting developments to both sports punters and the general public. With prominent figures such as the UK High Commissioner in Kenya following the betting firm, the positive impact of 1xBet is sure to grow even further. Notable brand ambassadors such as Victor Wanyama prove public confidence in the exceptional services of 1xBet is well placed.

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