Meet Nigerian tech-expert who makes film-making equipment for African movie makers (photos)

A young Nigerian man identified as Samuel Oteke has revealed his talents and abilities on social media. The young man explained that he made a decision to make Nigeria better by contributing his gifts.

The young engineer, who shared his decision on Facebook, noted that he builds all kinds of machines that can be used in different fields.

Oteke further expressed that most his creations are used in the movie industry. The man, who is a film-maker himself, said his tech would be useful to African film-makers who are unable to afford high-end equipment for their movies.

On his Facebook post, Oteke shared the photos of the items he built and listed the names of some of them. He noted that he builds camera sliders, dollies, robotics.

According to him, he builds the affordable tech using high-end manufacturing equipment such as 3D printers and laser cutters. The young man explained that he would like to use his platform to let young people know that technology goes beyond laptops and mobile apps.

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