‘I Don’t Regret My Actions’ – Singer Who Took Off Her Undies On Stage During Performance Reacts (Video)

Remember the Jamaican Dancehall entertainer, Yanique ‘Curvy Diva’ Barrett, who removed her panties while performing on stage? Well, she has reacted to the viral video after finding herself in the eye of a firestorm of criticism.

The curvy singer had removed her underwear in full view of the audience while performing at the Pride Jamaica Breakfast Party over the weekend. The Lifestyle singer, who had been engaging in a juggling session at the event, was in the middle of playing Dexta Dap’s hit single No Underwear when she decided to follow the song’s instructions and remove the intimate item of clothing. She placed it on the consoles before proceeding to tell the audience that it wouldn’t be right to play the song while remaining in her ‘undies’.

Watch the video below:

The video quickly generated hundreds of comments, mostly disapproving, labelling the artiste’s actions as classless and distasteful. In an interview with THE STAR, the Curvy Diva lashed back at her critics, calling them out for being close-minded. She said her actions on stage were all in the name of entertainment and sought to remind naysayers that her artiste persona is far different from who she is in real life. The singer says she remains undaunted by the sea of criticism that has come her way in light of her latest viral video.

Her words were:

“I don’t regret my actions because at the end of the day, it’s all in the name of entertainment. It was something we thought about, we planned. Dexta was not slated to perform and so my team and I said it was something we would do. I had on a next pair of underwear and I had on stockings as well so me taking off underwear was all part of it,” she said. “The song say ‘ she nah wear no underwear’ so it was all in the name of fun and entertainment. I don’t understand the blow-up but it’s fine, we expect it. Jamaicans sometimes are a bit close-minded and we’re fine.”

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