VIDEO: Frustrated man lambastes Nigerian govt. as he laments community neglect


A video of a yet-to-be identified frustrated man who lamented and expressed his disappointment in the government over the sorry state of his community inspite of being a oil producing one has surfaced on the internet.

Inside the 3-minute video, the man probably in his thirties can be seen lamenting over the type of water source, bad roads and infrastructural deficit in his community and how relatively low compared to the innovation of the 21st century.

While lamenting over promises unkept by the politicians who come every four years to deceive the people with stipends as low as N500, the frustrated young man declared his support for Biafra as the only way life can be easier for his people in his community.

He further disclosed that government officials are shameless animals who have no sympathy for the people.

He complained bitterly about how politicians travel abroad to receive medical treatment, sons and daughters attend foreign schools while communities where they see funds to do all these would be neglected.

The pump is 8-years-old. No good road, no school, no clinic or mere sight of any good infrastructure yet my community is a oil producing one. Just take a look at the community, a rather depressed and frustrated man said.




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