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Nigerian man stone relative to death in South Africa over failed business transaction

A Nigerian man has reportedly killed one of his relative during a brawl in South Africa.

Confirming the incident, Nigeria Citizens Association South Africa, NICASA, revealed that the incident happened in Kempton Park on Monday February 10th, at 7:30 pm.

According to NICASA, The two Nigerians are related, from Orlu Senatorial zone of Imo State. The two Nigerians, one known as Batista and the other as Ide, got into fisticuffs apparently over disagreements on some money to be paid to some creditor. Batista, who was the senior of the two relatives hit the younger Ide with a brick on his head and pushed him to the ground. Ide fell to the ground hitting his medulla on the ground.

He was rushed to Arwyp Hospital, Kempton Park, South Africa, where he died shortly after he was admitted.

NICASA President, Ben Okoli, while briefing the public on the matter said;

“We are concerned about this unnecessary and avoidable death. It is disheartening that our citizens no longer have value for the sanctity of life nor the preferred conflict resolution mechanism available in our established associations, clubs and town unions.

“We advise our citizens to be law-abiding and be our brother’s keeper. NICASA will visit the suspect in the police custody tomorrow and will make more information available after the visit.

Watch video from the scene of incident below;

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