Popular Nudist, Maheeda turns born again, warns of an evil looming for a female Nigerian celebrity

Caroline Sam, a Nigerian nudist popularly known as Maheeda has shocked many as she revealed she’s now born again.

She also warned Nigerians about a vision she saw.

Maheeda said she saw a vision that a popular Nigerian celebrity lost her husband. However, she added that she’s not sure if death or a divorce is the cause of this loss.

Maheeda, who revealed that she has given her life to Christ and let go of her old ways, asked Nigerians to pray for the female celebrity.

She didn’t give the celebrity’s name but said “you all know her”.

“hich kind of Wahala is now ? My gift can never be my curse in Jesus name ! Amen so be it ! I rebuke the Devil! He shall not succeed in Jesus Name ! Amen.. pls pray for her and be part of this restoration!! Pls if you love God pray for her ! Thank you ..” She wrote

Below are videos of Maheeda revealing she’s now born again while warning about her vision.


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