GUS 12: Moment 2 Auditionees Got Disqualified As They Struggle To Swim in Large Pool [VIDEO]

Videos showing the moment two auditionees of the Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS) season 12 were struggling to swim in a large pool of water have surfaced online.

The show started by showing the screening exercises the auditionees went through before the organisers arrived at the final 18 contestants.

In the video, a number of auditionees were seen standing before a large pool. The moment they were given a signal to dive in, a young man was seen struggling seriously while beating the water in a desperate effort to swim.

Thankfully, a male guide was on standby as he quickly jumped in to rescue the young man before a fatal incident happens. Unfortunately, the young man was disqualified from being a participant of the show.

Watch Video Below

Another video showed a young lady who also struggled to swim and quickly held on to someone standing beside the pool.

According to her, she can swim but believes she was tensed. The lady noted that she just wanted the water to accommodate her.

Watch the video below:


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