GUS 12 Episode 9: Epic Betrayal And Gang Up Against Irin Clan, Oreva’s Painful Eviction And More [VIDEO]

In what can only be called an epic betrayal in last night’s episode of Gulder Ultimate Search Season  12, Clan Irin loss was secured by the other two clans in their Break The Tiles task.

Yesterday’s task was interesting because it was the first task that the clans competed directly against each other. Each clan had several boxes lined up in a row with tiles on top of the box. Each clan needed to attack the other clans’ tiles, and the clan with the most tiles broken at the end of the task will be the losing clan. It seemed to be a game that required strength, accuracy and a little bit of cunning.

In honour of his clan switch from Iroko to Amo, Damola was given the riddle that revealed what they needed to break the tiles – metal balls. Each clan selected a member to search the jungle area for balls that were hidden.

When each clan retrieved their balls, the throwing began. Tosin and Ishamel launched the game with direct throws against opposing clans, and that set it off. We can’t count how many misses every clan had, but it was a lot.

It was soon apparent that there was a shift in how the Iroko and Amo clan were tossing their balls. Irin seemed to be the focus.

With two clans aiming for their tiles, Irin’s loss was swift and sure. Tobechukwu of Iroko dealt the final blow as he knocked off the last of Irin’s clan tiles.

As the search was for a losing team, Iroko and Amo had an unspoken agreement to remove Irin from the game. Unfortunately for Clan Irin, they couldn’t break enough of any other clan’s tile to save themselves, and they lost the task.

At the place of the talking drum, it was time for Clan Irin to be tested. The anchor Toke Makinwa asked them to play a game of Fireside Questions.

Chidimma, Omokhafe, Damilola all answered questions correctly. Oreva missed his question, and Tosin fielded it. At the end of it all, Oreva could not meet up to challenge, and he was evicted.



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