10 Nigerian Celebrity Men That Will Make You Feel Like Growing Beards

The Phrase “Beard Gang” shouldn’t be something new to you…Why Girls love guys with beards is what is beyond me…Though it depends on the kinda beards of course..

The beard gang is a group of men who grow out their beard and groom it to look neat and very attractive in the long run. There is a major emphasis on neat and attractive because it’s not all about it being grown and all up in people’s faces.

You can’t have beards as cute as these..and also be a Yoruba Demon! That’s preposterous.

Anyway, these Nigerian men have been able to make the beard gang thing look so good that some men are thinking of unconventional methods to grow a beard. In no particular order, here they are!

1# Noble Igwe

beard 1

2# Obi Somto


3# Praiz Adejo


4# Chiwetel Ejiofor


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