6 Great Actresses who changed the face of Nollywood forever

Nollywood as an Industry has grown immensely thanks to a lot of filmmakers who relentlessly put their efforts into building one of the biggest film industries in the world.

With the ability to produce more movies than Hollywood and the consistency with which it does that, it is safe to say Nollywood as an Industry has not only come to stay but has changed the way cinema/filmmaking is seen in Africa.

However, while there may be names that automatically pop up in your minds when the topic of how the Industry has come to grow comes up, there are women who without their contribution to the business, would have had Nollywood less than what it is today.

1. Amaka Igwe 

face of nollywoodThe late filmmaker gave the opportunity most women in the Industry now have to them. With the classic soap Checkmate, the movie Violated and the hit show Fuji House Of Commotion, Amaka Igwe undoubtedly is one of the pillars on which Nollywood stands. We definitely cannot tell the story of the Industry without mentioning her.

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