Signs your lover is cheating on you

Recent studies show that cheating at some point in a relationship is pretty common. With such alarming indices, one may wonder if his/her mate is cheating.

If you have a “gut” feeling that something is going on, chances are high that you could be correct.

Here are the top ten signs to look for that might mean your partner is cheating:

 takes the cell phone everywhere1. S/He takes the cell phone everywhere. Taking the phone everywhere, including the bathroom, is a red flag. Doing so can help the cheating partner hide text messages or make secret calls. If your partner is attached at the hip to the cell phone there might be cause for alarm.

2. S/He always has a reason you cannot hang out or visit their living space. Not being able to visit, announced or otherwise, could mean there is something to hide. In the early stages of a relationship, this boundary is expected. But as time progresses and the boundary remains high, cheating might be the reason.

3. S/He no longer initiates or seems interested in sex. A sudden decrease in interest in being intimate could mean that someone else is satisfying your partner.

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