9 Nigerian musicians who are changing the sound of music worldwide

In Nigeria, there are exceptional musicians whose peculiar genres of music have gotten a general wave of acceptance all over the nation. These singers have their songs steeped in the culture, identity and socio-political themes that characterise the Nigerian society.

However, some of these talented Nigerian musicians have taken their sounds over and above the face of this country. A number of them pushed themselves out there by organising concerts and channeling their publicity to include other countries where they feel their music ethics and culture will be accepted.

On the other hand, the better part of these entertainers have had their music proliferated across the global sphere because of the fact that it speaks to every culture, every continent, every individual.

Hence, their indigenous sounds seep into the ears of people from several corners of the world and inadvertently change the face of world music as a whole. We have follow the trend of contemporary musicians and have come to a conclusive reach that these X Nigerian singers are turning the global perception of music.

1. 2Baba

Only recently, NAN reported that a number of Nigerians consented to the fact that after Fela Kuti, 2Baba is yet another legend that has sprung out from the country’s music scene. Although this emitted a controversy, of sort, it is rarely far from the truth.

2Baba with his persistent release of hit singles and albums has proven over and over again that it is possible to remain relevant despite the ever evolving trends in the music industry. This has caused his career to scale and go beyond him in every capacity.

The music of Innocent Idibia has undergone a slim evolution that constantly mirrors the changing tides of the nation’s political, economical and modernist conducts.

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His latest hit, Amaka, reflects on the growing materialistic tendencies of Nigerian women and how they have turned the tables and reversed roles when it comes to who cheats and breaks up a relationship. Indeed, 2Baba is not far from being one of the greatest Afrobeat musicians in the world.


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