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Omoni Oboli shares major throwback photo to celebrate her son’s 17th birthday

Omoni Oboli is, no doubt, regarded as one of the finest Nollywood actress there is and the beautiful looks she possesses contributes to this general opinion of her. However, with a throwback picture she just shared, the amazing woman showed that she was never like that from the beginning.

The actress shared the picture to celebrate her so Tobe Oboli who is now 17 years old. The photo she posted on Instagram portrayed Omoni and her husband holding the birthday boy when he was just an infant.

While many people are happy about Tobe’s birthday and the fact that he has grown up to be a handsome boy, one to be proud of, the photo Omoni shared has cracked many people up.

Omoni Oboli and Son, Tobe Oboli

This is because, in the image, she looked totally different from how she looks now. In a white and blue aso-oke, pearl necklace, and a square shaped pair of glasses, the person in the photo looks nothing like how she is now.

Also, the way her husband looked in the picture was very hilarious. Not only was he shockingly young, the uniform attire he wore with Omoni nearly shrouded.

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Realising that her look in the epic throwback picture would make the eyes of many people pop and water with laughter, Omoni Oboli wrote a hilarious warning signal in a caption. Her inscription did not leave out the fact that she was also celebrating her son.

“Happy 17th birthday @tobeoboli. I have loved you since the first day I laid my eyes on you! Throwback to your naming ceremony when you were 8 days old! #Happy17thBirthdayTobeOboli #Birthday #tbt #Son #Love #Family #LoveLivesHere

PS: Nobody should come for me o! Y’all were also not slaying 17 years ago plus I just had a baby ��”

Naming ceremony throwback picture

As seen from the caption, the beautiful actress tried to justify her look in the picture by saying it was her after-birth face. But this has not stopped many from expressing their opinion of her in the picture. Many laughed and tagged the photo the most epic IG image of the year.

Most people actually thought Omoni looked extremely young and beautiful in the picture and they also wished her son a happy birthday.

See some of the reactions below:

jasmineakatu: “Lol, epic pic of the year, see IGA swag back then��”

berachah: “What’s making me laugh non stop is uncle Nnamdi’s over sized cap and danshiki @omonioboli you slayed just right.”

ola.diamondpearl: “True confession….i had always loved and envy @omonioboli all my life on IG,Admiring the beautiful stature at her age with those blessed dudes God gave you,but Hey! U started tooooo early.ahhhhhh! This was children doin naming ceremony gbaa.Nevertheless you guys are the best,may your love continue to wax stronger.may your son live long and prosper in good health and sound mind.cheers to beautiful years ahead.”

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