Six romantic gestures to spark up a long-term relationship

These romantic gestures will not only fuel your love life but make you appreciate your partner better at each passing of the day.

Be spontaneous

At the early stage of a relationship, couples often indulge in planned events basically to show they value each other. Spontaneous activities like a surprise lunch date, gift or a late night movie are significant to your love life.

Every now and then, leave your routine date plans and impress your partner with loads of wonderful surprises to awaken those fading love sparks.

Flirting and playful banter

Flirting and playful banter shouldn’t end after your first few weeks into a relationship. Those fun-filled times should actually outlive your bonding moments. When you keep flirting with your partner, you are indirectly showing that you’re keenly into him or her.

Set the mood right for a banter by dropping a few lines that will engage your significant other. You can even prepare for a comeback before a banter begins. You can initiate a tease, take it a notch higher and ensure you have fun together.

Kiss like you mean it

As much as a light peck could symbolise you care for your partner, stealing passionate kisses convey deep emotions that show your strong desire for your other half. Being more expressive with your kisses will also stimulate your partner to do the same and build up the right atmosphere for your relationship to flourish.

Sincere compliments

Words of approval from one’s lover mean a great deal, and your partner deserves one too. Cultivate a habit to shower simple but sincere compliments on your spouse. You don’t have to limit it to when he/she does something exceptional. A kind word on a completed chore or a unique attribute shows your growing attraction to your spouse.

 Grooming each other

Mutual grooming like combing each other’s hair before leaving for work, or taking off specks from each other’s eyes are romantic acts that improve intimacy. The golden rule is to ensure your partner is comfortable with it and relish your touch.

Physical contact

Physical contacts light up your desires and physical attraction for your partner. Aside from holding hands in public, you can plan to sleep nude and cuddle more in bed. Physical touch also includes an inconspicuous thigh rub at a dinner table or wrapping your hands around each other’s waist.

Keep your environment in mind before indulging in these romantic touches and ensure your partner find them amusing.


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