Curvy Actress, Princess Shyngle Poses In Tiny Bikini (Photos)

Every woman of today desires hourglass shape and would go several miles to achieve it but it appears no one can go as far as  Gambia-born, Ghana-based actress, Princess Shyngle who is reputed to have the tiniest waist among all the actresses in Africa. Her tiny waist and curvy hips are as legendary as mystery surrounding how she came by it.

She has been able to gather numerous fans and admirers not just for her acting skill but also for her unique curves. The film star has sort of becoming a sensation for her very small waist and hourglass figure. The actress who is known for showing off her curves recently shared a photo flaunting her tiny waist.

The beautiful actress took to Instagram to put her curvy body on display while posing in a tiny black swimsuit in the spirit of the ‘Brown Skin Girl’ trend currently making waves and her followers had their eyes popping at the sight.

Many people know about her acting and great figure but not many know that she is funny. She loves to crack jokes and is often very friendly with those she works with. However, she is a go-getter that can clearly differentiate work and jokes. The other thing that might not be common knowledge is her love for writing. Princess is a girl with many talents.

Many believe her waist is getting smaller by the day. Many questions have been raised over her unusually tiny waist that she had had to come out to defend herself that it is waist trainers she uses.



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